From the life of this house

In the year 1571 it was build as Ackerbuergerhaus (rural community center) by Cord Brendekink in the style of the Weser Renaissance in the Baeckerstrasse, formerly main street of Rinteln. Brendekink belonged to the wealthy farmers, who settled in the protection of the city and farmed their fields outside the city walls.

1887 the house was taken over by baker master Herrmann, an ancestor of the current owner, Heidrun Herrmann-Wisser, and accommodated to the mid 60's the bakery of her father.

Still today this 435 years old half timbered house is a gem in the historical townscape of Rinteln.
Enjoy the atmosphere of this house that could tell so many stories.
Familie Wisser
Baeckerstr. 21
31737 Rinteln

Niedersachsen / Germany

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